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August 30, 2012
Life experience comes and goes in packages, in boxes, in backpacks, or in paper bags. We can choose which one we carry around. Our minds gather our experiences and attach them to one another on a string and continue to tell the story. Every time we tell our story it runs out into the Universe and comes back to us with more of the same old things. Our capacity to imagine is one of our greatest gifts. We can either choose what we put in our life experience packages or we let the old story decide what we are living. It may be very valuable to put yesterday’s box on a shelf and imagine a more enjoyable, healthy, loving, story for the Universe to send back to us. For today, leave your past on a shelf and focus on where you are in the moment and live in the now with an intention to create a beautiful tomorrow. Reminder, you are living today what you created yesterday and you will be living tomorrow in what you are creating today. Get busy after all, it is your life.

August 31, 2012
Who laid those tracks down in my head and what are they doing to my life? Our never-ending patterns continue to recreate the same old stories, day after day, week after week. It may not be as important to know “why” we continue to attract situations and people into our lives that cause havoc. It could be more valuable to know “what” it is we are “thinking” that is attracting those negative circumstances into our lives. We are all on a search for tools to make our lives better. Once we realize that we have created our own reality with what we are thinking – THEN we change our thoughts, shift our consciousness and watch the process work. Human beings learn through repetition –  repeating AFFIRMATIONS is a brilliant tool. I figure, whoever laid those tracks down in my head has no more jurisdiction over me and now it is my time to lay down some new tracks. After all, it is my life. Get busy finding or writing your own affirmations and repeat after me: “I take responsibility for my every thought, today.”

September 1, 2012
What we think about attracts into our lives those experiences created by old thoughts. The tricky thing is – when we are not consciously awake, our mind is thinking and listening to everything going on around us. The habits, patterns of our past thoughts come from old beliefs and programs and what our subconscious mind is listening to may not be what we really want in our lives. Be aware and begin to recognize what your thoughts are creating. Today’s affirmation: “I clear my past thoughts and choose healthy and abundantly happy thoughts for today.”

September 2, 2012
Fearless faith comes from a deep, inner knowing that no matter what the world looks like everything around you is in order. Living with ultimate abandon or non-attachment to what a situation appears to be at this moment may take an effort.  Maybe it appears that you can’t pay the bills or that someone important to you is angry with you. I encourage you to SEE BEYOND appearances and take your thoughts to what you would like the situation to look like and that will require fearless faith and putting your mind into motion. Situations and experiences change every second of the day when we set our minds in motion, move our thoughts, toward a higher level of consciousness and see the future possibilities. Go for it. “Today, I open my heart’s eyes and see with love.”

September 3, 2012
Perception is the way we see things, what we think life looks like or is. Your perception is most likely not the same as my perception. Individual ideas and beliefs of who each of us is and what we think to be true may often be a very fuzzy picture. Our perception changes with age, education, family beliefs, life situations, and many other factors. A valuable thing to know is that perception may be the only thing that separates us from living our greatest life. Knowing that our perception could be different everyday and there is deeper insight in knowing exactly whose perception could be running the show. Affirmation of the day: “I expand my perception of the world and accept my strength to change my mind.”

September 4, 2012

We are all turned inside out.  What is on the inside is what shows up on the outside.  That stuff you are thinking might show up when you least expect it.  Be aware of those inner most critical thoughts and change your mind.  “Today, I choose to think beautiful thoughts about everything and everyone around me.”

September 5, 2012

With each new moment we are gifted another opportunity to create and recreate our lives.  Recognition or awareness is the seed of knowing and in that seed is a power to change your life.  Add a little faith to that seed and watch your garden grow.  “Today I believe bigger and deeper and more in the life I was meant to live.”

September 6, 2012

Love is love and can never be anything other than love.  Wind is wind and it is always just wind.  Rain is rain and rain is consistently rain.  Anger is anger and attracts to itself more anger.  Peace is always peace and is forever peace.  An apple tree will forever produce only apples – it will never make oranges.  A spiritual law in our Universe states “like attracts like”.  What you believe in your mind is what you are creating, producing, and manifesting.  Think on this today: “I am in harmony with my natural way of being in the world.”

September 7, 2012

Moments of yesterday have become a fragmented piece of mirror.  In the shattered dreams of days gone by are reflections of what we thought we were, a person we may not know today.  Our passed threads are filled with mistakes, triumphs, attachments, and of course, we form our beliefs based on our tapestry of life experiences.  Every new moment is an opportunity to change our minds and create a new world.  In the NOW.  The past has gone by, the future is our there waiting to be created.  “Seize the moment” before it slips away into the past.  Recreate your present moment by forgiving the past and everything in it.  IN THE NOW – shift consciousness.  See the new babe in the mirror – the one that enjoys the moment.  Laugh out loud and creat more smiles.

September 8, 2012

A person can never have too many smiles.  Abundance and wealth are generated by smiling.  I once knew of a smile that lit up the room and soon mended a broken heart.  The smile said, “Are you happy?”  The smile turned into a laugh and we laughed all day and all night.  We sat under the happiness tree.  The moon smiled on Mother Earth and You were born.  Here you are with a face born to smile.

Thank you for your response and I look forward to an opportunity to hear more from you.

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