Imperfection – Dancing with Words Three

 In this non-perfect world based on the collective word power we live with everyday, each of us has an input into what we have and can create.  We are the product of what those who went before us have created and what we have contributed to our present day creation.  We grow up learning from those around us and most of the time we believe these things to be true.  Sometimes they may be.  We absorb other people’s beliefs, often without question, and think that is just the way it is.  Of course, we continue to recreate the same old life.  How many times have you heard, “History repeats itself”?  Yes, it does.  And history repeats itself because as human beings we continue to stay in the same stories over and over again.

When we are mindful of our words, we can create a new story.  Take a day in your life – today is perfect for this exercise.  Put a note pad in your pocket and pay extra attention to the words you presently use and ask yourself, “What kind of power did that word pack?”  How you say these words is also important.  Where these sentences came from is another valuable note.  Write your findings down and read them later, asking yourself this question, “Are these my true feelings?”

One of the biggest discoveries I had about myself with the above exercise was that inside my head are several voices.  At one point in time, I called these recordings, a legion of voices.  They were the expressions and utterances of parents, grandparents, teachers, and many other well-meaning people who have taught me any number of things throughout my life.  In this journey of self-discovery, I have been able to narrow it down to scolding, fearful voices, and nurturing kindly voices.

The scolding, fearful voices often use negative language to propel me into the dungeons of gloom and doom.  Historical language has been handed down through generations and formulated into many verbal headaches for those of us who strive to conform.    I’m certain many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Their well-intentioned words that live on in our heads are not the original concepts we choose to live by.  Many of us have been and continue to be rebels with a cause.  In our present day, I have come to understand “choice”.  We choose what we each believe.

I will not stand in the shadows of other people’s beliefs.  Beliefs must be in alignment with my natural soul.  Then and only then can I live in freedom.  Does that resonate with you?  Where do you choose to stand?

In my life time I have often let the nasty demon of ancient oppressing language slip out and I have said some pretty hurtful things to others.  I have also spent a lot of years thinking horrid thoughts about myself causing me to feel worthless and afraid.  I’m sure many of you can relate to these types of feelings and voices in your head continue to recreate those feelings.

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