16 Seconds of Focused Thought – Dancing with Words Two

It takes only 16 seconds of focused thought to begin a manifestation. Lynn Grabhorn.

Several years ago I came across this Lynn Grabhorn quote and spent a better part of my typical day thinking about it.  In mid-afternoon I was in my car, in the drive-thru line at Starbucks.  I ordered my favorite, Venti Cappuccino with two scoops of vanilla bean, and continued my train of thought.  Beside me in the front seat was a small lined tablet and I numbered 1 through 16 down the side of an empty page.  As the cars pulled forward I wrote random words beside the numbers.

Finally, I picked up my coffee and pulled into a parking space.  My mind was rambling over this 16 second idea.  I sat in my car reading to myself these 16 words that popped into my mind quite easily.  I realized I could test my theory with the seconds on a digital clock.  Away I went, reading each word out loud and when I finished, it had been exactly 16 seconds.  “It takes only 16 seconds of focused thought to begin a manifestation.”

There appeared to be some soothing power in reading these words out loud.  My brain didn’t control the situation with an interruption or a reminder that I had an appointment or needed to wash the car or a number of things my head constantly meandered over in any given moment.  I was focused on each word, as if individually these words had some mysterious force in the Universe.  Every day became an adventure in word energy.  A surge of electric current surrounded my language and carried the sound of my voice through the sky like radio signals float and channel music into a receiver.  I fine tuned every sentence into creative affirmations.  Self-talk mantras lifted my spirits and danced to a rhythm of 16-words in 16 second revolutions.

In the months to follow, I continued writing 16-word lists.   I gave them titles like Family, Health, Inspiration, and any subject or person I wanted.  I wrote list in journals, on scraps of paper, the backs of store receipts, recipe cards, anything with a blank space.  I took small breaks in my busy days and read my catalogs of positive words out loud to myself– 16 seconds of focused thought and gladly expected changes in my health, family, and lived to inspire everyone around me

Let me digress for a moment.  I’ve spent the better part of my adult life looking at the way we use language, cultural beliefs, and human behavior.  In my early twenties, a long time ago, I studied the effects of affirmations and positive mental attitudes.  My point being, in these many years of living I have come to believe not only do words have power the way we choose to use words does pack a punch in any given moment.  I also stand in testimony, to the mindfulness of language and how it is of great benefit in shifting darkness into light.

We do have the power to rearrange our thinking about our choice of words.  We have endless possibilities for an intentional mindful evolutionary paradigm in negotiating our differences more peacefully.  Of course, we aren’t able to change how the Sun comes up in the morning or how it sets in the evening.  We certainly can influence the gratitude we share by simply acknowledging with a thankful feeling for the warmth of the Sun every day.  It appears to me, when I express an attitude of gratitude over the simplest things my atmosphere increases in those wonderful opportunities of heartfelt thankfulness.

Mindfulness requires some effort.  Each of us is absolutely responsible for every thought, word, action, and reaction that formulates, stumbles, and passes through our individual minds.  Yes, you can see, I am a firm believer in creating our own reality or to put it simply, what we say is what we get.

As we explore mindfulness, choosing our thoughts and words wisely, it may be helpful to give you an opportunity to think about the use and meaning of words.  I believe each word like an electric current, a vibration floating on the wind, a radio signal drifting around the earth. Each signal catapults into the clouds and jumps from star to star until it dives back into my existence a clear tone, fine tuned, in complete harmony with my highest consciousness.  Think about it like this, every word produces a sound and sends a radio signal into the Universe and comes right back into your environment and grants your wish.  There is a definite difference between fear and faith or love and hate, which of these words would you like to see in your little corner of the world?   Each word has a certain frequency and generates energy.

Have you ever been in an angry crowd? Of course, it is easy to see anger is in the vibration of hate.   How about a meditation circle?  Meditation is energy similar to faith and love.   Which one of those word frequencies would you like to fall from the sky into your lap?

Take a little note here, my choice of words becomes my life, attracts to me those people, places, and things that I have chosen.  Your choice of words becomes your life, attracts to you those people, places, and things that you have chosen.  And each of us has an influence on the other.  Being aware of what other people are thinking and choosing to say also impact what is happening in our world.  We are a collective in thoughts and words.

In the gifts of mindfulness language, we do have opportunity to choose.   Of course, the energy of words creates our situations and circumstances.  Many of us follow the leader and in our silence we allow others to choose how life happens around us.  Thoughts and words matter.  Who is saying them and how they say them matters.  What do you think?  Is it time for change?  Remember, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect, You Just Have to Dance.

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