Dancing with Words Part One



We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to dance 


Be honest.  If you are completely comfortable in the way your life is going at this moment, pass this blog on to someone else.  If your life feels tired, worn out, overwhelming, and you are earnestly looking for another way to do things, have fun with story.  Of course, if you are like me, on an eternal quest for wisdom and knowledge, read it in a hurry, share it with friends, and use Dancing with Words as party conversation.

The ground under my feet heated up and thermals began to cause great rumbling, creating a cumulus language I had been accustomed to hearing.  Those booming voices marched off one word after another to describe my atmosphere.  Reverberations pounded my brain, multi-celled clusters gathered together in dark cloud formations just in time for me to show up for job interviews, meetings with teachers or supervisors, and possible love interest.

Storm clouds brewed, “You know you aren’t smart enough to pass the test” or “Who do you think you are, they aren’t going to pick someone like you.”  Rumble, rumble, the word trap roared.  Vibrations of disappointment, stress, failure, and defeat turned into years of thundering mistakes, regret, and grief.  Thunderstorm after thunderstorm drenched my dreams.

Decades ago I came across Zig Ziglar’s See You at the Top and realized, years of negative self-talk was responsible for the hazardous accumulation of dark, rumbling clouds in the atmosphere of my life.  Thunder had been rolling over my thoughts, ideas, and creative endeavors and lightning bolt language cut deep ruts of self-destruction.

“STOP, get a grip, pay attention to what I am saying!”

Language, words have vibration and with each syllable occurring and reverberating between thought, speech, and receptor there is a natural frequency manifesting our exciting language into reality.

My every waking moment was spent monitoring my existing thoughts and dialogue.  That old saying, “Think before you speak” was exactly what I needed to remember.

I jumped into the self-talk concept with both feet and began to listen to those demons that haunted my “poor me, nobody likes me,” mind chatter like broken records from hell.  As I write these words today, there is still a rumbling in my clouded mind.  Shifting perception and keeping my thoughts positive are at the top of my list of things to do.

The plight of the sticky-notes began.  I’m sure Art Fry, the inventor of 3M’s Post It Notes, continues to collect a percentage from my purchasing power.  I highly recommend you run right out and buy a large package of very colorful post-it notes or 3 x 5 cards and begin your thought process.

Long ago, as a single mother my daily mantra was “change your thoughts, change your life.”  I cut out colorful shapes, hearts, circles, and triangles from construction paper until I found sticky-notes.  Then I wrote affirmations and positive phrases to myself, “I am brilliant,” “I am successful,” and so on.  I put these little notes to myself on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, on the car dashboard, and just about anywhere that would be in my daily path.  I read these words out loud and repeated them several times a day.  After all, I had an army of negative self-talkers in my head that I needed to cancel out and the electric current I wanted to see manifested in my stronger, healthier, more vibrant life was my own responsibility.  And what I soon discovered was how my changes also had an inspiring influence on those around me.  The good news is, not only did this affirmative sticky-note action motivate and encourage me, my grown children still talk about it and I have seen the results in their lives.  Yes, I’ve created a generational thunderstorm.  Pass it on.



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  1. This is a beautiful teaching, and reminder to listen on the winds of change.

  2. Sweet Tu Bears,
    Thanks so much for the reminders, always. I poured myself a cup of tea and read
    Dancing with Words. Then I went back through and read all of the posts again- each
    having its own special wisdom. Mystic Medicine really touched me again. It is such
    a great privilidge to communicate with these special beings. I love sitting in the garden
    or rounding a corner and being showered with that much love. Moments to treasure and
    return to.
    Love You.

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