A Sacred Dream

Dreamtime Far Memory

The dreamtime is a timeless mythic realm in which the Ancestors sing into existence every feature of the natural world.” Eliot Cowan

A sacred dream lays dormant deep inside each of us. The holiness is alive and waits patiently for us to awaken to the “dreamtime”. Our natural self is timeless and is a tiny part of all memory and continues to live forever, never dies. It (our natural self) has always been and will always be and floats timelessly in and around all living things. This GOD like, authentic being living deep within the soul of every universal life is discovered by each of us in a multitude of ways. There are many paths to God. In Sing Your Sacred Song on the Winds of Change we are exploring and traveling through the means of Dreamtime Journey into the depth of our souls and through a place, I like to call, the Far Memory.

Far Memory is the cellular remembrance we all carry in our DNA, the universal conscious seeds in every molecule, every star, human, plant, animal, stone, and every grain of sand. When you can tap into this sacred, holy center of yourself and operate your life from this core of your sacred consciousness you will have a deeper, greater understanding of your purpose in life.

Now, I’m going to touch briefly on “emotion” and I’m asking each of you to think about this in your lives. Emotions include, fear, anger, falling in love, greed, guilt, shame, happiness, and so on. (In our emotional state is when we need our compost bin.) From the places of emotion we operate our lives through expectations, judgments, perceptions, and many feelings and re-actions. In an emotional state of being we live in duality and separation. From the center of the soul we live in our natural awareness and are totally connected to all living beings.

Throughout these months of Sing Your Sacred Song on the Winds of Change I believe each of you will go beyond emotional baggage and release attachments to your personal fears and will shift your perception of duality. When we are not able to TRUST our authentic self, we starve the spirit, deplete energy, and prevent total connection to our highest purpose.

In the Far Memory of your authentic self is your inner journey and your only option is to TRUST in your ability to be truly real.


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  1. So good to see you, Tubears! Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to yours, as well.

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